Liability and Remuneration of Attorneys and Tax Advisers

In the event that a legal dispute ends to the detriment of the client or certain tax opinions are not adopted by the tax agencies, one quickly asks oneself if there have been errors in the advice or representation of the client. The (former) client will raise the question of liability of the attorney or tax adviser. At the same time he will not be willing to pay outstanding bills for such allegedly erroneous representation of his interests.

We offer legal assistance and advice to client regarding the defense against claims of their former attorneys or tax advisers and possible regress liability due to faulty advice. Also, we advise and represent colleague attorneys and tax advisers in question of criminal and civil law as well as specific laws of the respective profession in connection with the representation of clients. This also applies to questions of remuneration. The following list of examples is non-exhaustive:


  • Defense regarding unjustified remuneration claims
  • Enforcement of justified remuneration claims
  • Liability in cases of erroneous advice and drafting contracts (attack/defense)
  • Liability for insufficient instruction of opportunities and risks of court actions (attack/defense)
  • Liability for negligence and errors regarding court procedures (attack/defense)
  • Criminal defense (e.g. excessive billing, client betrayal, breach of confidentiality)
  • Professional liability towards bar association, before professional courts e.g. for representation of conflicting interests (attack/defense)







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