IT and Domain Law

The internet is increasingly becoming a key component of business strategy of companies. At the same time the importance of domain addresses and web sites to display corporate identity is also gaining importance. Since a domain can only be attributed once, it is paramount to secure the latter and to protect it from the influence of third parties.

Many companies only see the opportunities of the internet, yet often overlook and are not prepared in regards to the risks (e.g. domain management, proper instructions regarding German consumer rights) inherent in the operation and presence of a business in the internet. Especially in regards to internet sales, many companies are not aware of deficiencies, such as the improper instructions regarding consumer rights, which results in a prolonged or indefinite cancellation rights without justification. In addition, the lack of required information on a website or violations of data protection laws often end in a costly written warning.


We offer legal assistance and advice to entrepreneurs regarding IT and domain law, for example:

  • Warning letter with fees including cease and desist declaration with penalty clause (attack/defense)
  • Interlocutory injunctions (attack/defense)
  • Domain protection, domain-grabbing, DISPUTE application, CLOSE application
  • Purchase and transfer of domains
  • Removal of entries, comments and evaluations
  • "Meta-tags"
  • Compliance with the German Telecommunication Code (TKG) regarding websites (e.g. imprint requirements, mandatory information)
  • Recalling rights and informational duties regarding internet sales (e.g. requirements for layout and organization, instructions regarding consumer rights)
  • Data protection in the internet







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