Admission to the Profession of Certified Specialist

The certified specialist profession is a transparent guaranty seal, which is only then conferred by the competent bar association when the attorney has passed numerous theoretical examinations , has demonstrated the successful completion of a large number of cases in his area of specialization over the period of several years and can also prove several years of occupational experience. After a year of attendance at special courses for certified specialists, the attorney must annually continue further education in the area characterized as training for certified specialists in that attends a minimum of ten hours seminar courses as a listener or lecturer or publishes a scholarly publication in a corresponding area.


In this manner it is guaranteed that no “false labeling” occurs with supposed specialization.


The attorney, Mr. Leader J. Gast, is the holder of three certified specialist titles. This has only been possible since 2011. At present there are only three further attorneys in Berlin, who can present such certified specialist designations, nationally there is a total of 335. (As of 1.1.2012, source German Federal Bar Association, Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer, BRAK-Mitt. 03/2012).








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